Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Persistent Mustard Seed Faith

The thing about being a Christian is that you don't make the decision one day and then all of a sudden become a good person living a holy life and walking in perfect communion with God.  It takes work,  actual work,  some tears,  a lot of sweat and maybe even some blood to get that point. 

That's where today's topic comes in.  You hear about mustard seed faith all the time.  You know,  the kind that moves mountains (Matthew 17:20). No there isn't a special kind of faith that we must all work to get.  We simply need to learn to have faith.  Jesus told us just how little we needed to have to move a big mountain.  I have always heard about mustard seeds and how tiny they were,  but recently I had the good fortune to hold a packet of them in my hands.  Those things can fit on the head of a pin.  In other words,  it doesn't take a whole lot of faith to make things happen in our lives. 

But what about those situations that drag on forever.  It's easy to believe God for something and then see it fixed right away,  but there are certain situations in our lives that require not just a quick fix prayer and moment of faith.  Some situations require that we believe and remain faithful for weeks,  months,  years, maybe even a decade or two. 

That's where Persistent Mustard Seed Faith comes in.  It's the kind of faith you need to move not just one mountain,  but every one that comes in your way.  It's the kind that you need to ensure not just survival but actual conquering of the situations that you may face.  It's the kind that you need EVERY morning when you wake so that you will not doubt God's purpose and plan for your life.  It's the kind that says over and over "yes Lord,  I believe you can move this new mountain".

Why do we need such persistent,  unrelenting faith? Because the enemy is persistent and unrelenting! He NEVER stops.  He will come coming and keep throwing mountains in your path.  There will be emotional mountains,  like despair but there will be others.  Like losing your job,  or blockages that will try to prevent your business from taking off. And let me tell you, "in-the-moment"  faith won't help you overcome a consistent barrage of new mountains,  what is going to help is a level of faith that is strong and persistent. 

That's what Persistent Mustard Seed Faith is.  Faith that moves mountains every day without doubting God and his plan. 

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