Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Hello Friends,

I know it seems as if I've abandoned the blog since I haven't posted a new devotional in a couple of weeks, however, I assure you that I haven't. Sometimes life just gets so hectic that you don't quite hear well enough to write and I've promised myself that I will never post a devotional that God didn't specifically ask me to write. So for now, there's some silence.

However, that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. On August 1, I will officially launch my new clean romance, Romeo's Redemption. This is a story that I'm very excited about and I hope to share that excitement with you.

Romeo's Redemption is about a young lady named Sandy and the love of her life, Danley. Sandy is haunted by dreams from her past, a past she'd rather forget. However, with each passing moment, they only get worse. Her inability to sleep causes chaos in her professional life and the time comes to deal with the skeletons in her closet once and for all. Sandy's journey not only takes her to places she'd rather stay away from, but it leads her to love that she thought was lost forever.

Romeo’s Redemption is witty with surprising twists, characters that are easy to love and a story that goes beyond the usual clich├ęs. This is a story of love lost and regained with an interesting journey in between.

So whilst you wait for the next devotional, grab a copy of Romeo's Redemption (already available on Amazon)

Wanna check out the book before you buy? You can read the First Chapter here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Serving God for the Perks

Christianity comes with a few perks.  It's called God's favour. It's those pleasant things that happen to us simply because we are followers of Christ,  not because we have done anything special to earn them.  It's almost like grace,  but  grace is a much bigger deal. 

Unfortunately,  I've noticed that we can become a bit complacent and so used to our perks that they become the reason that we serve Christ.  If we are not careful we can become like spoilt children, throwing tantrums simply because we don't get what we want. I have seen many cases where people backslide or go into deep depression because they didn't get the thing that they wanted most.  It's a dangerously slippery slope and we have to be careful that we don't get on it.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that Christianity is about Christ.  It is about a relationship with Him,  not about what He can give us.  Of course,  we serve a God who loves us and does everything in His power to keep us safe and fed.  However,  we won't give us every thing we want simply because not everything we want is good for us.

Let us not treat Christianity as a job we accepted simply for the perks.  Let's build a relationship with God;  everything else will come after.  With a real relationship with God will come an understanding of why He does what He does,  when He does it. 

Have a blessed day!

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