Friday, September 20, 2013

Discussion Day 1

The following is an excerpt from a Christian novel -  I'll tell you which one in a few days. Today, I would love to hear what you think, not about the story, but about the discussion the characters are having below. Weigh in, air your views, agree, disagree and send your friends to do the same. 

As the weeks rolled by Daynia finally began to heal. Her friends all stood by her, much to her surprise. Ashley held her pitiful form several times while she cried helplessly, but those occurrences were becoming less frequent and she could now function normally at work. She found her way back into her circle of friends with ease and they made her feel like she had never left.
At church, the expected stares accompanied by whispering was almost non-existent and only occurred among the older more judgmental members who’d gone passed the age where they remembered the indiscretions of their youth. Daynia theorized that they remembered quite clearly but chose to remain in a state of total denial as they could not live with their own consciousness. Whatever their reason, their whispering didn’t bother her too much because her God did no such thing. She’d received total forgiveness again and even though she was beating herself up for making the same mistakes all over again, God didn’t hold it against her so she walked with her head held high.
“It’s so hard for a Christian woman to find the right mate,” said Ashley. She and Daynia were walking along the beach having some girl time. Ashley made a special effort to do things with her friend these days. She needed the company to help keep her focused.
“Yeah, it is isn’t it? He has to line with God’s plans for you, he has to share your passion for God and he has to be willing to wait for sex.”
“Yup, it’s a tall order, even for men with the best of intentions,” said Ashley.  “That’s why we need to wait for God to do the picking; we can’t do a good job by ourselves.”
“You picked a good one.”
“Yeah, Daniel’s great, but don’t forget that I had to wait a while before he came along. God had to fix him first. In his previous state, I wouldn’t have gone within ten feet of him.”
“So that’s the trick really, we gotta wait till they’re ready.”
“Yeah, take Richard for example, he’s not a bad guy, he just wasn’t ready.”
“Oh come on Ash, you’re gonna tell me that a man who spent a year and a half lying to me is a good guy.”
“Yes Dayn, that’s exactly what I’m saying. He needed time to deal with the ghosts from his past. They don’t go away just because you’re now trying to live for God. It’s a process and he didn’t go through his process."
Daynia walked along silently whilst she pondered what Ashley was saying.
“We all had ghosts remember,” continued Ashley. “You have that horrible relationship with your family and all those bad relationships. I had to learn to love myself and treat my body with respect. Remember how I used to dress when I first started coming to church.”
Daynia laughed out loud. “Yes! I do. Those outfits were rather… um interesting.”
“Exactly! Now, I’m a glamor queen without showing my goods to the whole world. I went through my process. You were doing a good job with yours before Richard. You just need to keep pressing. Know what you want for your life and focus on that.”
Daynia stared at her friend for several moments. “When did you get so wise?” she asked, laughing.
“Oh I don’t know, it just happened,” responded Ashley as she tossed her hair back and held her head high in a look of mock sophistication.

“Whatever!” laughed Daynia as she pushed Ashley into the incoming tide. 

So there it is...let's hear what you think!


  1. Based on this excerpt, I'm assuming the topic up for discussion is whether someone who is good or someone can still be good even though they may have to deal with ghosts from the past (or as we otherwise say- skeletons in the closet)? Hmm, from what I gather from the conversation is: Daynia was in a relationship with Richard for (possibly) a year and a half, and she discovered that he was lying to her (I wanna read THIS book really!) about something.
    Speaking from personal experience, being in or pursuing a relationship with someone entails change and strength of character (in alignment with Godly principles). In that case, honesty is a key element. I remember I was left to discover a secret on my own investigations about this person's life that (thankfully) impacted the so-called relationship negatively. In other words, I ended things. But did it deter me from dismissing some of the good this person bore, no. In fact, people around me preferred that I cut/banish him from my life altogether, but I couldn't. Not because of feelings (because God would deal with me accordingly) but because being new to the Christian scene, I wanted to love others and exhibit Christ's love for his own (even from a distance). I knew what God took me out of, so who was I to judge another person as unworthy of any of my time, especially if I were to cross paths with him later in life where he would require help? Ashely may have been right in stating that Richard is a good person. But if Daynia deemed her experience enough to terminate her relationship with Richard, then she was right because she alone knew what she went through. What if she was married to him and the secret was that he committed adultery- could you imagine that hurt? Investing your trust (especially knowing/thinking she "did" nothing to warrant this act) to realize that your partner did not even give you the courtesy of the truth? OUCH! But just like in marriage, she would be mandated to keep this covenant and work through their issues together all the while, still holding onto that love. So too should she not lose her love for Richard, as a Christian brother, for we all have issues. But the beauty of the situation is, she could love him from a distance especially where her experience could leave her hurting immensely (in the beginning), because she was not in a covenant-binding relationship with him. In spite of however, she should seek God's face and help in working out her dilemma to His glory. Jesus FIRST, everything else- AFTER.

  2. Their convo is relatable and bears much truth. It can be difficult as a Christian to know who the right one is. We have to seek God's guidance. We have to wait upon him. Am in that situation. Waiting for my wife to be. And have to resist jumping in bed with anyone.

  3. Yes I can agree with Ashley, we as Christians need to wait on God. And also we need to allow God to work on us and our mate. Because our past would always be there and if we don't watch out, it can come to haunt us. We can live in the past without even realizing that we are.. I am not saying that we need to do nothing at all, we just need to wait for God to do His part. Many guys would come and go in our lives, the question would be which is the one for us? and the only way we can find out is really by spending time in God's word and allowing Him to direct us in everything. I am reminded of this verse, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you" So basically this scripture is saying to seek God first and everything will follow. God knows our hearts desire and His word clearly states that if we delight in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts. So let us just keep on trusting God.

  4. A very thought provoking conversation with much to glean from; process, change, "know what you want for your life and focus on that." Sounds like relatable reading.

  5. Wow! Such wonderful comments. I promise you guys will find out which book it is soon. There's another excerpt up, take a read and air your views on that one :)