Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disappointments Are Designed To Make You Quit

Disappointments are designed to make you quit, so don't.

Life is full of disappointment. It almost seems like everywhere you turn and with everything you try to do, some sort of disappointment comes your way right. I started the day feeling really excited. There are two things I've really desired in my life. One is a want, the other is a need. Both are really important to me and I believe that it is God's will for me to have both of them, however there has been one obstacle after the next.

A few days ago, I had a eureka moment, a brilliant idea, the kind that could only come from God. I figured out how I was going to finance one of the things - the want.

This morning, I had another eureka moment, again, the kind that could only come from God. I realized that the plan I had for the want would work perfectly for the need instead. EGAD!!!! God had just FREAKED ME OUT! I was amazed, stunned, ecstatic, baffled and thoroughly excited. I was dancing on the clouds, basking in glory and set for an excellent day. That is until I made the phone call that would set things in motion for me. I had a huge spoke thrown in my wheel and it will take a MIRACLE to sort things out.

But guess what. I serve the undisputable king of the universe who holds the world in His hands and makes this go according to HIS plan. So I'm not worried and I won't quit. Disappointments make you appreciate a thing more when you finally get it. I trust God and I'm ready to fight for what's mine.

So though disappointments are designed to make you quit, I have decided that the enemy will not win this round. My God has already fought on my behalf. Maybe you too are faced with one disappointment after another and are almost ready to quit. Don't give up. God has already won the battle on your behalf. Step up and claim what is yours.


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