Friday, May 10, 2013

Man up!

Man up or Woman up! Whichever your case may be.

Christians have been called a lot of things. They tell us that we're closed-minded, small-minded, timid, coward, weak and more. As a Christian after almost 16 years, I can tell you that Christianity is not for the closed-minded, small-minded, timid, coward or weak.

First of all, believing what we believe takes so much open-mindedness it almost makes no sense. I mean, our  God created earth from nothing, people from dust, sent himself to earth as a baby born of a virgin, died and raised himself, then sent himself as a comforter for all man-kind. Are you kidding me?

See, we have to be the most open-minded and brave people around to believe what we believe. Christianity is not for the weak either; just proclaiming yourself a Christian puts you in an instant war.

So why then when it comes to our life do we become afraid to make the decisions that are necessary to move forward. When we are face with touch choices or situations where we are required to be brave, we shy away and slink into the little boxes the world has created for us.

My challenge to you today is man-up (or woman-up) about taking control of the things that make your life difficult. Attack every situation as if it's life or death. God has your back. Determine that from today, the things that weigh you down have got to go. Kick them out of your life and be serious about it.

Take charge of your day and be blessed!

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