Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...

Why is life hard? More specifically, why is your life hard? Why is my life hard? Why do the same people going through all the hard stuff when others just seem to be sailing through life will blessings all around. First of all, let me just say that things aren't always as they seem. Those who seem to have it best may not even have it that good at all. But I must admit that some of us just seem to have the worst luck. Or is it really luck?

I could probably consider myself one of those people who just seem to have hardship piled on at every turn. In fact, I've developed the habit of waiting for something crappy to happen the minute something good happens to me. It's been that way my whole life. So why then do some of us have to go through all the major tough stuff? Why isn't hardship spread out across the planet evenly? Why do some of us have to have all the things that we have no control over happen to us over and over again? Why do parents get cancer, why do husbands leave, why do fiances betray us, why do we get laid off?

I wish I had the answer. In fact, I do, but I don't like it. The truth of the matter is that we live in a world tainted by sin, this means that it has been spiraling out of control. Evil exists because sin exists. It's the truth, but I don't like it. At the end of the day, life is still hard and I still have to go through it.

So what's the bright side? Is there a bright side? Well yes, there is. See, a few days ago I sat back observing a few of my friends and that's when I realised that some of them have had a pretty smooth life compared to mine. It's also when I realised that going through difficult stuff my whole life has it's merits. See, when I was robbed two weeks ago, I felt really bad for losing my laptop and all my writing, but I didn't cry or break down. I started losing faith when I realised that the police were doing diddly squat to help me, but I found it again and kept moving forward. Most people who know what happened express that they'd break down, cry and never sleep in the house again. But I didn't and I do. Why? Because as tough stuff goes, this is nothing compared to what I've already been through. I've learned to reserve my tears for the really big stuff.

See, that's my bright side. Because of all the difficult situations I've had to endure I can now go through some really big ones and still keep a genuine smile on my face. Maybe if my early days were a cake walk, I'd be sunk deep in depression right now. I don't think this is by chance though. It is often said that God doesn't give us more than we can bear. I think that He always prepares us for what we have to bear later on. Sometimes that preparation is simply making our roads a little rough, one situation at a time until we are tough enough to endure some whoppers.

I guess that's why I can still stand. My faith has been made strong and my trust in God bolstered by the fact that He has saved my butt many times. I know many people who are considered strong in faith who wouldn't last a day in my shoes. I'm definitely not hating on them, they just have a different purpose for their life. Mine is to encourage others and help them become stronger through my experiences.

So that's my why. Life is hard sometimes because we need it to be. Those of us who go through the hardest stuff and survive are stronger for it and for me, it's no cliche, it's the truth. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger....

Have a strength-filled day!

Joana James - Author of From Redemption to MaturityTrusting God with your Future,   Nightmare at Emerald High & Alana and Alyssa's Secret & Finding Romeo 

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