Friday, February 22, 2013

Land of My Birth

238 square miles of exquisite beauty
There are many like it, but none so charming
Twin peaks rising from her depths, make her unique and symbols her pride.
Proud to stand tall, among many we are one
Proud to be us, others' beauty we surpass
Proud to be Lucian, Our legacy will last! 

My island home celebrates 34 years as a sovereign state today. Our struggles have been numerous but we persevere. Saint Lucia is home to an enormous amount of talent. On only 238 square miles of beaches, rain forest and mountains, we've grown two Nobel Laureates, the most per capita in the world. Our charmed beauty makes us over and over again, the number one honeymoon destination in the world. Visitors boast of the friendly nature of our 170, 000 inhabitants, and those who migrate here find it easy to stay.

This land of my birth makes me proud to be truly Lucian. I found this tribute on You tube that bolsters my pride for this little piece of paradise!

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