Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trapped - A Poem

So I haven't written poetry in quite some time and this one is a bit dark, nothing like my usual inspirational stuff, but I'll share it anyway, just cause I feel like it :)

In a room no larger than a cell
The contents, hardly more than its counterpart would hold
I sit, I yearn for more, anything more.

By dogs barking in the distance, 
Beyond the windows that may as well be barred
All Day, All Night
No rest, not for a weary soul.

The elusive glimmer of hope on the horizon
Taunts me with its brilliant light
Beckoning me forward
Knowing full well that the ball and chain 
Set firmly around my ankles restricts me. 

By angry voices outside the door
Demanding another mountain of chores
So I stay hidden, Away from the noise
Though this is my prison, my sanctuary it has become
For life beyond the door, is surely worse than this.

By the prayer I pray daily
Lord, get me out of here, 
But if it be your will, I'll stay.

By the clock that ticks loudly, taunting me
As life walks past, towards the glimmer of hope
Still on the Hill
Way over there
Away from my reach.

Copyright © 2012 Joana James  - All rights reserved. 

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