Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We all suffer from it every once in a while. Some of us are not so blessed and we suffer from it perpetually. Either way, it's not good. I know several people who could be multi-millionaires by now if they didn't procrastinate so much.

I've falling victim to procrastination several times. As a matter of fact, my motivation for this post is the fact that I'm procrastinating on the completion of my latest novel right now and I need to get out of it. There are a few things that have worked for me in the past and I'll share them with you as I try to kick myself out of my slump.

1. In order to get to the end of any project, one needs motivation.
Sometimes, motivation can be tangible or it may be just the feeling of accomplishment. Find your motivation or your goal, write it down, tape it to a wall , a mirror, anything you can see daily and remind yourself of your reason for doing what you are doing.

2. Set a timeline for yourself and get organised. 
Sometimes, the reason we procrastinate is because the task seems insurmountable. Breaking it down into sub tasks helps bring perspective to the challenge making your end goal seem all the more management. With each subtask, give yourself a deadline. I like the little sticky notes that come with Windows. Everyday, I set up a new one, change the colour so that it will look new and interesting and type up a check list. As I finish each task, I strike them off using strike through text. It works wonders for my psyche and my feeling of accomplishment.

3. Clear your work area, get rid of the distractions
If you are working on a tangible project, it would help if the area you work in is as clutter free as possible. Clutter brings distractions, and that means you'll spend time straying away from what you set out to do. So, if you're working on a writing project, clear your desk, disconnect the internet for a little while and get to work.

4. Just do it! 
Quit saying, "I will do it" or "someday" and just get to work. Sometimes you just need to man up (or woman up :D) and dive in.

So get up, get off the computer and get started. There's a world out there to be conquered.

Stop the Procrastination! 

Joana James - Author of From Redemption to Maturity,   Nightmare at Emerald High & Alana and Alyssa's Secret  

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