Friday, March 2, 2012

On your own

My first book, is about two young girls who went through the most impossible of circumstances, dealing with prostitution, rape and a druggie for a mother, they almost had no chance at a decent life. One sister had it all put together, the other didn't appear so. So who do you think succeeded? (I'm not telling you, the book is free today so go get it :D)

There is an ingredient that is key to success, and without it, we could try our hardest but we are not very likely to succeed. I've heard many people over the years say, "I'll come to Christ after I've changed my life", or, "I really need to change you know". I have many friends who are heavy drinkers say many, many times, "I'm not going to drink any more", only to go back to the bottle later.

In my book, one sister refused the help of the one person who could see her through her pain, the other embraced him. Several times we reject the only person who can really help us out of the mess of our lives. There are certain things that we just cannot do by ourselves, no matter how hard we try, simply because it requires supernatural strength. Let's face it, none of us have supernatural strength. The will to stop drinking, or doing drugs or even other "less dangerous" habits must come from within us, but without God's help, many fail.

The Holy Spirit provides both the conviction and the comfort when we need it. He convicts us to put down the bottle and comforts us when we crave it. He reminds us of God's love, and gives us something else to live for. And that is the most important part, having something else that is much more important to live for.

When life seems way too difficult for us to keep going, God reminds us of the plans he has for us. In a moment of despair, you may feel suicidal as I have been before. But each time, God reminds us that he's there and he still cares. The questions is asked "Where is God when it hurts?" I'll dare to say that he's right there speaking, we simply aren't listening for his voice. .

My prayer is that you won't ignore God the way one of the sisters did in my book, but that you'll embrace him like the other. His arms are wide open and he has the blueprint for your life, trust him to lead the way.

Alana & Alyssa's Secret: Rise from the Ashes

Alana and Alyssa are young girls struggling to live in a world that has been cruel to them since birth. The death of their father destroys their mother who becomes hooked on drugs and see the girls as a quick way to earn money for more. Alana seems like the one most likely to succeed whilst Alyssa gives in to a world of prostitution and fast money. Will they Rise above their circumstances? Or will their world continue to fall apart?

N.B. This book was free on the day this blog post was created. Unfortunately, the promotion has since ended. However you can still grab a copy if you so desire here. 

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