Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go forth with Faith

As a writer, there are plenty of times when I feel like I just need to give up. Sometimes it's a bad review, sometimes, it's the fact that there are no sales. Other times, the very thought of putting myself out there for the whole world to see is so scary that I just want to run back into my house and hide. And writing is not the only thing that I want to give up on sometimes. I had such a stress filled day at work yesterday that it took every ounce of energy in me not to burst into tears. As it stands, I still need a miracle before 9:00am Monday. But, my hope and faith is not in myself.

Whenever I'm giving a difficult task, my boss says, Joana, "I have faith in you". Luckily for me, I take that statement with a grain of salt...I don't trust myself with any task. I give it to God. My faith is in him. I have no doubt that he's placed a tremendous amount of talent in me, but without his input, everything I put out there would be pure rubbish. I bring the effort and God brings the genius. That is why I will not give up on writing or on any of the other things I tend to want to give up on.

 Last night, I was reminded of why I write YA, and why I won't give up. I spent the evening with my church youth group, which I helped lead for a few years. Last night, I was not a leader, but an observer and a helper. I saw people I helped lead to Christ now leading others. I saw young ladies I counselled and mentored, now counselling others. It was an awesome feeling and it reminded me that God has given me something to say to young people through my stories.

So, to you I say, Don't give up. There will be naysayers and the like giving you bad advice. Trust God and have faith in his abilities, not yours. Know where he's taking you and why he's taking you there. Use that knowledge as your reason to go on. It takes faith to move forward when you're not seeing results. But faith is the biggest ingredient in the recipe of Christianity. "Without faith, it is impossible to please God."

Go forth with Faith! 

Joana James - Author of Nightmare at Emerald High & Alana and Alyssa's Secret

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