Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the End I WIN!

This is a Short piece that just kinda came to me.

So sue me for wanting to be successful.
Or better yet, thrash me for desiring life not filled with misery.
Condemn me for needing to feel loved.
Maybe you’d even want to hang me, for deciding not to be a pawn in your evil game.
I know you hate me for setting standards that you can’t reach.
So maybe you should just try to hang me and get it over with.
But wait, my fate is NOT in your hands.
My destiny you CANNOT hinder.
The plans for my life are greater than you can ever imagine.
Whether you try to sue me, thrash me, condemn me, or hang me,
The plans of my God will still go unhindered.
Didn’t you hear, greater is he that is in me, than he that is in you!
Didn’t you hear, No weapon that you form against me can win!
Didn’t you hear, His plans for me are plans of peace!
Didn’t you hear, He’s already written my book,
I decided to sneak a peek at the last chapter,
And guess what, world, in the end I WIN! 

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